CyberGators, a student ran organization within the Florida Institute for Cybersecurity (FICS) Research at the University of Florida, seeks to advance the field of cybersecurity through innovative and exciting research. Each student offers a unique perspective, building a diverse and well-rounded academic environment. CyberGators investigate all areas of information and hardware security, from security of nanotechnology devices, to integrated circuits and systems security, to theoretical algorithms, to internet-of-things, and to larger cyber physical systems. CyberGators also participate in an education program which includes seminar series, tutorials, short courses, and certificates within the nation’s premier multidisciplinary research institute in the advancement of cybersecurity. Most importantly, every CyberGator believes in fostering positive relationships with peers, mentors, industry experts, and future generations of STEM experts.

Words From Our President

"Our mission is to advance cybersecurity technology and awareness through interdisciplinary research, innovative education, professional collaboration, recruitment, and community outreach across all domains of industry, government, and academia. We are working hard to provide both undergraduate and graduate students valuable experiences with cutting-edge research projects, and to develop face-to-face interactions with industry leaders." -Daniel Capecci, CyberGators President

Words From Our Advisor

"Our students at FICS Research are passionate about cybersecurity and the impact their research has on the security of the nation and betterment of society. CyberGators is intended to be a student-led organization with FICS faculty serving as advisors. The objective is to advance cybersecurity research and education, raise awareness, connect with and educate high school students on issues related to cybersecurity and privacy, and to enable a platform for graduate and undergraduate students to collaborate on exciting inter-disciplinary projects. We encourage industry and government to engage with CyberGators and collaborate with them on their areas of interests." -Dr. Mark Tehranipoor, CyberGators Advisor and FICS Co-Director

During a recent visit from Booker High School, CyberGators share their insight into cybersecurity and engineering research with the visiting students. Visit our Facebook page for more pictures!

Student Spotlights

All CyberGators are exceptional researchers. Here, we highlight a few students for a job well done.

Gustavo Contreras

Congrats to Gustavo on his graduation!

Jasmine Bowers

Jasmine, along with other CyberGators, have recently published in the Proceedings of the 13th Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security!

Brad Reaves

Congrats to Brad on his graduation!

Robert Karam

Congrats to Robert on his graduation!

Tauhidur Rahman

Congrats to Tauhidur on his graduation!

Andrew Stern

Congrats to Andrew on winning the Draper Lab Best Poster Award at the FICS 2017 Conference on Cybersecurity!